Inundation at Lake Sumner

Now we are right at the sharp end of some decisions on Hurunui.

We have New work from Hurunui Water Project on inundation at Lake Sumner. The appendixed aerial photos are particularily revealing, and while Amanda of HWP claims they can be viewed at their site actually it is only a summary and I have a feeling they do not want too many people looking at these bits.

Aerial photos and transects drawn by HWPs own ecologist shows the extent of lake shore and forest to be inundated by the dam.

The ecologist assumes inundation for "at least 1 but perhaps 2 - 3 months of each year, irrigation need dependant".

The operating rules for Lake Sumner weir (December 2009), as modeled, present blocks of inundation of 3, 4 and 6 months.

Edward Snowdon - 7 February 2010

Lake Sumner Water Storage and Edge Innundation, Boffa Miskell - Keesing

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Boffa Miskell - Keesing Figures 1-11

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