Apr 20, 2013

Ecan grants more Pollution of Hurunui

Ecan thinks is the way forward is a 25% Increase of nitrate loading into the River



Press article   Nitrate rules relaxed to allow more irrigation


Ecan article   Environment Canterbury accepts proposed HWRRP (Hurunui and Waiau River Regional Plan) recommendations


Related info,

Government-appointed commissioners will continue to run Environment Canterbury until 2016

"The Canterbury Water Management Strategy has an end target of 850,000ha of intensive irrigated land" and also the 'temporary' commissioners are focused on restricting legal challenges against the strategy

The Press 29/10/2012  Race to irrigate behind ECan move

National Party's Minister for the Environment, Amy Adams said "Canterbury's freshwater resources had to be managed and governed effectively"

ECan commissioners staying until 2016


Withholding info and vetoing advise is David Carters idea of "democratic and balanced" decision-making


Temporary ECan Commissioners are a breach of the Government's commitment to democracy, NZ's Human Rights Commission says