Mar 27, 2013

Nationals Proposed RMA changes Harmful to the Environment

Freshwater reforms

The Press article 5/6/13


Ministry for the Environment


The three biggest RMA reforms are:

1. Changing the purpose of the act to give greater weight to economic development over environmental considerations.

2. Granting considerable new powers to central Government such as the ability to take individual consent decisions out of local councils and place them in a new national body; and inserting provisions in local council plans without any consultation.

3. Reducing the Environment Court to hearing cases only on points of law rather than additional evidence.


A government blitz on environment standards, with an apparent 'rabid development' agenda, is seeking to change the rules by which land and water decisions are made.


The RMA reforms and Freshwater reforms are linked but require separate submissions. These reforms are diverse and complicated. You are invited to provide feedback. It is important to take part in the process and show with sheer numbers of submissions that we are alarmed and watching.


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