May 3, 2010

A whimsical submission to ECAN

One of our more thoughtful supporters . . .


My submission to Ecan is simple, not grand

The democracy lacking? we don't understand

We rally, we write, we pray every day

On top of all that we're expected to pay


Nine hundred dollars per Commissioner per day

(If they're Government how come our taxes don't pay?)

The rates, sure, are levied so where is our say?

Is it just in this draft plan we might see the way


To stop the greedy nonsense

Which will rest upon your conscience

Please hear our indignation

At this massive irrigation


Short-term gain for the big companies?

Sure! - but we will foot the bill

If the tourists can't drink the water

(Gallons of it over the hills!)


The companies in Harrisburg

Plus other parts of USA

Making money out of power

And milk additions, eh!


Have taken Aotearoa

As the fools that we may be

If the say for our environment

Is left to Mr Key.


Poetic Justice 2010