Apr 10, 2015

Govt wants control of ECan for longer

'there are challenges too complex for a democratically elected governance structure to resolve' says Nick Smith

District Councillors to make individual submissions on Government's ECan plans 15/4

ECan changes would create 'worrying precedent' 10/4/15

Proposed Canterbury council structure questioned 19/3/15

Democratic ECan "carries too many risks" says Nick Smith 18/3/15


ECan plan amounts to a 'broken promise' 19/3/15


Temporary commissioners don't meet their own environmental targets   Water management targets proving too ambitious 30/3/15

“Murray Rodgers, a trustee of the Water Rights Trust, said he was not surprised Ecan was struggling to meet the target as "there are serious flaws in how the collaborative process is working in Canterbury"

Tougher water rules needed, says scientist 12/4/15 Canterbury water nitrate limits so high it causes algal blooms, destroy habitats and kills fish


Read the Temporary Ecan Review and make a submission online, before 1st May at: