Feb 4, 2015

F&G and we need help to monitor river abstraction compliance

Depleted rivers are all bad news..


Do you live near a river?

Will you be out walking, fishing, working or recreating around any of our rivers?


As you will know many of our rivers are running at very low flows. During such a dry period we need to be sure our threatened fish and bird indigenous species still have the water they need.


Can you help Ecan and protect the rivers natural values by reporting to their Compliance Team if you think a waterway looks to be at or below flow limits and there are irrigators still operating upstream?


We understand Ecan are serious about restricting irrigation where waterbodies are at their low flow limits. However they have only four compliance officers throughout the entire region to monitor irrigators to ensure they are complying with any restrictions.


It would be great if we could create a network across Canterbury to report waterways that look to be at or below low flow limits. The reporting is simple – all that is required is if you believe a waterway to be below a minimum flow and there is irrigation operating upstream of it to email Ecan with information about where you have observed the low flow and if possible as accurately as possible where the irrigators are operating. If would be helpful if you were able to   provide photos and a GPS reference.


Below is a form email to make it easy for you (or write in your own words):

To: Ecan Water Consents Compliance Team

I have looked at [waterway name] at [location] and believe it is likely to be at or below the low-flow limit. There are irrigators operating upstream. Please check promptly whether the waterway is at a trigger level for irrigation restrictions and if so instigate irrigation restrictions immediately.



If, at some period say 3 or 4 days later the irrigator is still operating, send a follow-up message.