Oct 4, 2014

CPW finally admit their scheme is only for increased Dairy

Only Dairy Farmers can afford CPW water which will increase water pollution in Canterbury by at least a 1/4


Central Plains Water since claiming "farming diversity' to gain resource consent and a CPW 'Trust' objective deed to:-

'provide and facilitate opportunities for agricultural and horticultural diversity in the Regions'

are now finally admitting only Dairy will be able afford the Rakaia and Waimakarir River water after going through their expensive canal system

CPW shareholders not willing to convert to dairy will have to sell as all other farming is not financially viable. The 350 Shareholders land is expected to triple in value when irrigated and some are waiting to sell just for the capital gain

Controversially the scheme winds across private land and is using 'requiring authority' status to take owners land at around market value with the threat of the public works act for landowners not willing to sell. The scheme has consent to take huge amounts of water from the Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers at no charge.

CPW's Chairman Doug Catherwood and Ex ECan board member has actively sought to raise the allowable dairy pollution from 1950 tons within the scheme area by another 550tons to ease the way for largescale dairy conversion on the free draining Canterbury Plains. Rivers and lakes are already suffering from Nitrate leaching but CPW will add at least another 450tons of pollution taking it to 2400 tons leached each year

-Dairy farm Resource Consent compliance in Selwyn is less than half at just 44% !

CPW have tried to boost it's profile over the years by calling itself a 'Trust' despite not even being able to adhere to it's own deed of objectives, a 'community scheme' when only 350 sharholders are able to use the water taken from the rivers and an 'enhancement scheme' when only draining rivers and increased Dairy farms with their many points of increased pollution is offered.

They gained 'requiring authourity' status by claiming they'd only use floodwater to fill their failed valley dam idea- but soon after changed to 'run of river' water take

The Press article    CPW will be the final death knell of sheep on the Canterbury Plains