Aug 2, 2013

Earth dam cracks

An irrigation dam above Seddon is emptied as fear of failure after earthquakes increases

Cracks appeared in the dam on a private farm, near the epicentre of Sunday's quake, and progressively got worse due to aftershocks. It was feared if the dam burst, it could flood the nearby town.

Farm owner Dick Bell says they're still being cautious. "There's been a few more cracks appear and we've got people monitoring it, we've got Civil Defence here."

The safety of the cracked dam is disputed by the owner as cracks increase to 100meters long holding 250,000 tonnes of water above the Seddon township

17th Aug     Engineers are worried the bank could burst, so Mr Bell's now having to pump more than 300 cubic-metres of water out. It is a sensible move, as seismologists say

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Meanwhile    ECan are lining up a previously declined dam above Coalgate and also Glentunnel that *may or may not* link to the CPW dairy irrigation canals

meeting minutes

The Waianiwaniwa Valley above Coalgate and The Wairiri Valley above Glentunnel indicated here by Zone Committee (5Mb PDF)