Apr 5, 2017
New Zealand dairying is in a full scale environmental crisis, which is getting worse by the day.
Apr 4, 2017
Writing on the subject of dairy industry pollution has resulted in dead possums in the letterbox
Mar 17, 2017
The Selwyn River is "a really raw" example of our mismanagement of water, an Envrionment Canterbury (ECan) councillor told a public meeting
Sep 16, 2016
The other election -- For the first time in nearly a decade, you can vote for your regional councillors
May 14, 2016
Temporary ECan's failure described as 'useful'
Apr 30, 2016
Without democracy nature doesn't get a vote
Dec 1, 2015
The Temporary ECan commissoners know they continue to fail the community but have now cut communication about their poor performance with them
Nov 13, 2015
In a hard-hitting submission on the Environment Canterbury (Transitional Governance Arrangements) Bill, the council called for the Government to return ECan to a fully elected body as soon as possible.
Nov 8, 2015
The Selwyn Disdtrict Council (SDC) have used ratepayers money to give CPW an unsecured $8Million loan which will contribute to Canterbury's freshwater pollution
Nov 4, 2015

ECan allows largescale pollution of our freshwater to benefit dairy farmers.

Jul 5, 2015
Lincoln Univerisity releases data showing more pollution is directly linked to more profit
Jul 4, 2015
National growth-at-all-costs mandate at odds with voting public
Jun 23, 2015
Mixed model of governance proposed for Environment Canterbury dispite huge opposition
Jun 13, 2015

Billboard criticising irrigation scheme up and CPW try 'Alpine water' angle to hide the river draining and claim the huge increase in pollution will be diluted- so it won't matter!

May 23, 2015
More Dairy conversions and irrigation will supposedly lead the way for NZ's Brighter freshwater future...
May 9, 2015
If 100% of all fresh water is prevented from going out to sea, oceanic life would collapse...
Apr 10, 2015
'there are challenges too complex for a democratically elected governance structure to resolve' says Nick Smith
Mar 10, 2015
CPW has hands out again for more $Millions from tax and ratepayers- as farmers, invesors and banks fail to show enough financial confidence in their personal shareholder dairy conversion scheme
Feb 4, 2015
Depleted rivers are all bad news..
Jan 21, 2015
CPW admit shareholding farmers have put just $32M into their scheme expected to cost more than $375M
Nov 19, 2014
ECan commissioner swore at farmers speaking out against their 'back door' decisions
Oct 31, 2014
ECan sit on their hands still making no prosecutions area wide
Oct 4, 2014
Only Dairy Farmers can afford CPW water which will increase water pollution in Canterbury by at least a 1/4
Sep 27, 2014
CWMS and ECan in charge = Water pollution out of control in Canterbury
May 25, 2014
Should ratepayers to pay for ECan's (mis)management of Dairy farmers and their water pollution?
May 4, 2014
"Wrong and bad in the short term and Wrong and bad in the long term"
Mar 15, 2014

Freshwater Management-- Central Plains Water and Amy Adams personal land investments

Mar 5, 2014
Environment Minister Amy Adams - dairy farmer - CPW shareholder - freshwater management plan - how does that work?
Jan 21, 2014
NZ Herald Article by Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons
Nov 20, 2013

Amy Adams wants NZ to decide which rivers to sacrifice, While The PCE produce a damning  freshwater report. Submissions in by 4 February 2014

Nov 9, 2013
Dairy Farm Compliance seen to be a bad joke on our waterways
Sep 30, 2013
Farmer control of public water is all bad for NZ
Sep 14, 2013
CPW seek $35M from Govt to pay back the loans from Council and others
Aug 9, 2013
NZ's Slogan seen by the world to be misleading
Aug 2, 2013
An irrigation dam above Seddon is emptied as fear of failure after earthquakes increases
Aug 2, 2013
ECan gives consent to WIL Dam despite risk of loss of life and strong local opposition
Jun 30, 2013
'Dairy farmers are contaminating our drinking water with faeces' (E coli)
Jun 27, 2013
ECan's 'amended' Rakaia river flow opens up more Dairy irrigation
Jun 20, 2013

Central Plains Water admit to shareholders their price is up 50%

May 24, 2013
Ask Steven Joyce
May 20, 2013

More huge handouts set for 300 Farmers and Canterbury's Dairy expansion

May 14, 2013
Yet again Canterbury residents have to boil water after Ecoli found in township wells
Apr 20, 2013
Ecan thinks is the way forward is a 25% Increase of nitrate loading into the River
Apr 2, 2013
Andrew Curtis of Irrigation NZ tries to get Dairy support with good ol' fashioned tall stories and spin
Mar 19, 2013

Cass river absraction and high country irrigation by P Morrison's P&E Ltd DECLINED

Feb 25, 2013
Poor farm practices are destroying our land and rivers
Feb 25, 2013
The Selwyn river has gone from 60,000 trout to toxic waste since Dairy took hold in Canterbury
Jan 24, 2013
Sir Kerry Burke asks why Canterbury's democracy was destroyed
Dec 3, 2012
Gareth Morgan defends the Horizons One Plan and says that standards need to be toughened, not loosened
Dec 3, 2012
Gareth Morgan says NZ is crying out: give us a suite of green growth policies that are credible
Nov 20, 2012
will begin at 2pm on Saturday December 1st in Latimer Square where citizens will
rally with the call: Our City, Our Say…..we want our city
Nov 20, 2012

New Zealand’s Green Tourism Push Clashes With Realities.

Apr 17, 2012
leading water scientists are concerned NZ's claim to clean green is being erroded by intensive farming practice
Jan 3, 2012
Fonterra's Clean Streams Accord is found to be reporting that twice the amount of rivers are fenced off on dairy farms than actually are-- which now stands at just 42%
Dec 7, 2011

New Zealand's inadequately protected rivers are being pushed towards crisis point by economic development, a DOC report says


Oct 25, 2011

The question to all partys for the upcoming elections

Oct 25, 2011
Finally a Council that will listen to reports that Dairy Farms damage the environment
Oct 22, 2011

Trustpower seeks to take more water than the WCO allowes, to increase irrigation on the plains

Submissions to be in by November 21st

Oct 20, 2011
but Federated Farmers North Canterbury dairy chairman is 'happy with the figures'!
Oct 19, 2011
Find out CWMS targets for our water, now and for the future
Oct 18, 2011

When: Wednesday 19 October, 7.30 pm

Where: WEA, 59 Gloucester Street

F&B Organised and most partys represented

Sep 29, 2011

Survey results of NZ's slip from 'Clean Green'

Sep 28, 2011
A report from the office of the Auditor-General says regional councils are not doing enough to prevent the degradation of fresh water by dairy farms
Sep 27, 2011

Before it's factory is built Fonterra seeks to extend it's capacity.

It will have near 1000 Vehicle movements a day and using coal powered kilns, produce around 30 tonnes of milk powder per hour

Submissions to be in by 7th October

Aug 29, 2011
MAF statistics show farms will remain very profitable by paying 1/100th of a cent per litre of water
Aug 26, 2011

National pledge $11.6 M of taxpayer money to help clean up the Dairy Pollution of Lake Ellesmere,

Fonterra contribute under 10%

Aug 1, 2011
Nationals pledge to New Zealand with its National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS)
May 27, 2011
Campbell live takes a look at our rivers and lakes being threatened by Dairy Pollution
May 24, 2011
ECan's new 'Zone Impliment Programme' (ZIP) and new Govt funded Waitohi Dam Straight furrow page 5
May 24, 2011
Environment Canterbury is to investigate a claim of chemical dumps containing 'Agent Orange' in the Opuha Dam (Fairlie), created when the dam was being constructed in the 1990s
May 20, 2011
Do Farmers pay their fair share of tax?
May 19, 2011
Public meetings.
Monday 30th May
7.00 pm Methven  Heritage Centre
Tuesday 31st May 
1.00 pm  Darfield Recreation Centre
7.00 pm  Rolleston School Hall, Tennyson St , Rolleston
Wednesday 1st June
1.00 pm  Rakaia Community Centre
7.00 pm  Ashburton Masonic Lodge
May 18, 2011
3 articles about the Damming of North Canterbury rivers, how we could foot the bill and what the Royal Family think of 'Intensive Farming'
May 17, 2011
Almost half the dairy farms inspected by Environment Southland this month have been found to be seriously breaching effluent consents
May 14, 2011

This is an opportunity to have your say on it and affect how water will be managed in the zone. Fish & Game are encouraging anglers to show up at the meetings to discuss the plan, and/or write to the committee and tell them what you think of it.

May 14, 2011

Wednesday May 18, 7.30pm       Avonhead School Hall,                           55 Avonhead Road, Christchurch 

Apr 25, 2011

Having been hung out to dry over their impacts on the environment, the exploiters, including Federated Farmers, have successfully lobbied to lower environmental expectations.

By Mike Joy

Feb 17, 2011

This year is shaping up to be an extremely important year for Canterbury water management. Regional committee and 10 zonal committees set up would have to determine how to meet the targets outlined in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy.

Feb 7, 2011

CTV Video - 7 February 2011

Aug 24, 2010

The National/ACT government's expensive taxpayer-funded pamphlet on Water shows it under-estimated how angry and concerned Cantabrians are about losing control of their water allocation, says Labour's water spokesman Brendon Burns.

The Press - Paul Gorman
Aug 14, 2010

The bullish dairy industry is continuing to drive the country’s economy but at an increasingly high environmental cost.

The Listener - Rebecca Macfie

Aug 7, 2010

Environment Canterbury (ECan) commissioners yesterday approved six community representatives for the Waimakariri committee – the second of 10 committees to be established under the region's water management strategy.

The Press - 07 August 2010

Jul 31, 2010

Canterbury has "plenty of water" and people worried about rapid changes in its regulation need to be educated, says Environment Canterbury (ECan) head commissioner Dame Margaret Bazley.

The Press - David Williams

Jul 31, 2010

Bazley's appointment to head the Environment Canterbury (ECan) commission, after the Government controversially sacked the regional councillors in March, was no surprise.

The Press - 31 July 2010

Jul 30, 2010

A Chinese businessman alleged to be behind ambitious plans to invest up to $1.5 billion in New Zealand's dairy industry has only recently severed his business links with former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley.

NZ Herald -  Karyn Scherer


Jul 29, 2010

The Environmental Defence Society has won a High Court case challenging cubicle dairy farming in the Mackenzie basin.

Media Release - Gary Taylor, EDS

Jul 26, 2010

Former Environment Canterbury (ECan) chairman Sir Kerry Burke has slammed city leaders for their handling of the city's multibillion-dollar water resource.

Glenn Conway - The Press
26 July 2010
Jul 21, 2010

Minister approves moratorium proposal for Hurunui

Environment Minister Nick Smith has given his approval for Environment Canterbury Commissioners to place a moratorium on new water takes from the Hurunui River and its tributaries from 1 August to 1 October 2011.

Jul 21, 2010

TV3 Campbell Live Video regarding the Hurunui River.

TV3 - 21 July 2010

Jul 21, 2010

TV3 Campbell Live Video regarding the Hurunui River.

TV3 - 21 July 2010

Jul 9, 2010
Environment Minister Nick Smith has opened the new Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management in Christchurch.
Jeanette Colman, Communications Manager
University of Canterbury - Communications and Development
9 July 2010
Jul 2, 2010
Prime Minister John Key has admitted the Government's handling of Environment Canterbury is one of his regrets from his first term in office.
Newstalk ZB - 2 July 2010
Jul 1, 2010

Notes from the Mayoral Forum Meeting - 1 July 2010.

Jun 30, 2010
Lincoln University professor Ken Hughey has been appointed to a new Canterbury water committee after a selection backflip.

Marc Greenhill - The Press, 30 June 2010

Jun 30, 2010
Environment Canterbury (ECan) commissioners will delegate much of their work on contentious water conservation orders to staff.
Paul Gorman - The Press, 30 June 2010

Jun 29, 2010
Threats to Christchurch's household water supply has prompted the city council to appeal against the controversial Central Plains Water (CPW) scheme.
David Williams - The Press, 29 June 2010
Jun 25, 2010

Sacking Envornment Canterbury (ECan) councillors and appointing commissioners has been seen as a way for the Government to stifle debate over Canterbury's water and push through development interests. Commissioners are just there to rubber-stamp, the story goes.

Jun 14, 2010

Just as New Zealanders fought wars for democracy and freedom, it seems Cantabrians are willing to fight for the restoration of their democratic rights lost, since the sacking of ECan councillors in March.

Jun 13, 2010

Several thousand people have gathered in Christchurch to protest over the way Canterbury's water will be managed in future.

Jun 12, 2010

The controversial $200 million Central Plains Water Management scheme looks likely to get a Government financial leg-up in order to get built.

Jun 9, 2010

Prime Minister John Key was greeted by angry protesters as he arrived for the South Island Forum in Christchurch tonight.  Over 100 gathered outside the Isaac Theatre Royal on Gloucester Street, many waving placards protesting the dismissal of Environment Cantebury councillors earlier this year.

Jun 7, 2010

The Central Plains irrigation scheme has also been mired in controversy not only because of the environmental issues but because it pitted one set of rural property owners against another.

Jun 4, 2010
“Our Water Our Vote and the Future of Water Management”
Jun 3, 2010

A senior government official was placed in a difficult position when publicly questioned about his thoughts on the Government's sacking of Environment Canterbury councillors.

Jun 2, 2010

The hearing panel appointed by Environment Canterbury and the Selwyn District Council have released their decision on the resource consents and Notice of Requirement for Central Plains Water Trust and Central Plains Water Limited.

Jun 1, 2010

The first local committee set up under the new ECan structure to consider the future of the Hurunui and Waiau river catchments was unlikely to have any members representing environmental concerns.

May 28, 2010

Labour will introduce a Member’s Bill to return Environment Canterbury to democratic control, says Labour Leader Phil Goff.

May 26, 2010

Hurunui Mayor is being taken to task over ECan Sackings

May 24, 2010

Opinion piece in The Press by Ann Brower, senior lecturer in public policy at Lincoln University, who describes the ECan Act as a staggering use of legislative power.

May 20, 2010

The 'Press' Christchurch - 19th May

A South Island system is needed to alert mothers to the risk of blue baby syndrome as nitrate levels in groundwater rise.

May 19, 2010

Law Professor Philip Joseph has damned the ECan Act and wants it repealed and ECan Councillors reinstated.

May 19, 2010
Dire Canadian story of drinking water becaming contaminated when cow manure washed into a well.
May 19, 2010

When it comes to water, agriculture and industry need the help of environmentalists.

May 18, 2010

by Tony Kiesanowski

May 18, 2010

Canterbury Water Management Strategy zone committees roll out progresses.

May 17, 2010

Government needs more consistency in environmental management.

May 16, 2010

Summary and extracts from documents released under the Official Information Act (OIA) to Forest and Bird - April 2010.

May 13, 2010

Meeting notes from Kate Wilkinson's talk to the Peninsula Tramping Club on 11th May 2010.

May 8, 2010
Cows, Groundwater and Concerns - Wally Clark - 8 May 2010
May 3, 2010

One of our more thoughtful supporters . . .

Apr 27, 2010

Today’s Labour caucus meeting pledged to rescind the Act foisting commissioners on Environment Canterbury, and to hold elections as soon as practicable.

Apr 27, 2010

The Government yesterday unveiled its new team to run Environment Canterbury – six men who will each earn $900 for every day they work.

Apr 27, 2010

Normally only councillors who have decided to retire ...........

Apr 27, 2010

“I, Jane Demeter., declare that I will faithfully and impartially..........

Apr 26, 2010

The Government wanted to dilute water-conservation orders and boost irrigation in Canterbury months before the Creech investigation recommended sacking Environment Canterbury (ECan) councillors, newly released documents show.

Apr 26, 2010

The country's top legal brains warned the Government that Cantabrians would be stripped of rights enjoyed by other Kiwis if it forced through Environment Canterbury (ECan) changes...

Apr 24, 2010


The Government troubleshooter sent to fix Environment Canterbury (ECan) has told staff they will get only one chance, and should expect to work harder.

Apr 23, 2010