The Waimakariri

Our Water - Our Vote is the banner for citizens committed to long term action to restore democracy in Canterbury and to protect its water resources and the environment from dams, and abstractions and intense land uses that would further challenge all citizens' access to clean and safe water. If you are concerned about either democracy or the environment in New Zealand, please join this group to show that you will not let the National Government destroy the mandate of a democratically elected body. Waimakariri River Feb.22nd. The Cairn still stands resolutely in the Square. Only the Angel north of the Cathedral, and the Chalice stand with it as remaining art works. Yet somehow, from within the Council came a repeat of the order to remove the Cairn. This time our group went to a meeting of Councillors and the Mayor. And this time we were received warmly with fond memories of 'Reflections on Water' and the building of the Cairn. Following our replay of Kathleen Gallagher's and Mikes short video clip of the event, Mayor Bob Parker was pleased to affirm they have given the all clear for the Cairn to stay until such time as the Square redevelopment takes place upon which we will be given consideration for siting it. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.