Hurunui Water Matters

Opening 2pm Sunday, 20th February, 2011

21st to 26th February

Sun: 2-5pm and Mon-Sat: noon -5pm

The Studio, first floor, 84 Lichfield Street (opposite the bus terminal) Christchurch, NZ.

The Hurunui  farmers’ water wish-list, proposing more intensive irrigation, could mean the destruction of natural environments that many of us love and want to remain as they are. Once you dam a wild river it is destroyed forever.

We do not want Lake Sumner to look like Lake Monowai, raised 2.4 metres in 1920 and still ringed with dead trees.

We will be exhibiting recent artwork about the Hurunui River and Lake Sumner area.

For more info visit;

2-5 pm Sunday will feature various brief presentations by  Hugh Canard, Malcom Snowden, Jenny Webster-Brown and others

An artists for save our water project

Ph: 021 376 960 / 027 33 98 174

Creative Communities contributed towards photographic printing; wine and cheese courtesy the artists.